As qualified industry professionals with over thirty years of combined experience in business accountancy and consultancy, we are here to offer you the essential services that you really need for your organisation to succeed in today’s challenging climate. We are qualified and experienced in dealing with varied clients in diverse industries, so you can be sure that we are perfect for understanding your present and future financial needs, as well as being able to grasp your business model right from the start.

Multilingual finance experts
Add to that the fact that between all the members of our team we can fluently converse in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Slovakian, and you know that you are dealing with a professional firm that can empathise fully with your business and financial requirements.

Always informed and in touch
We are a dynamic team that has the experience and knowledge to be able to help you manage and understand the financial function of your business. It goes without saying that we always keep informed and updated on the latest changes in any taxation or business regulations, and we pass on this knowledge to our clients via newsletters, blog posts and social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook.

Technologically astute
We also recognise the need for effective business software, which is why we have adopted FreeAgent as our online accounting software of choice. This gives our clients the ability to send and receive documents from us, cloud storage of these documents, connecting to your business bank account to import transactions and so much more! We are very experienced in the practical use of FreeAgent and recommend its adoption due to its simplicity, yet powerful applications.