We are forward looking accountants following new trends and developments not just in accountancy but also in technology which improves the way we work and communicate with our customers.


We help hundreds of businesses to achieve their goals and we believe in one to one approach where the client has their dedicated accountant.


We speak different languages including English, Portuguese, Spanish, Slovakian and Czech.



What you can expect from your personal consultation:


  • Discuss your current business needs – what are the areas you can improve, discuss your business plan, needs and objectives.


  • Pros and Cons of your business structure – using the right business structure can save you thousands of pounds.


  • Tax Savings tips – we explain about personal tax free allowances, business allowances, allowable business expenses.


  • Discuss your financial needs and help to apply for business loan – we work with Government backed loan providers for start up businesses as well as unsecured loans where you can get up to £350K with interest rates starting from 4.9%.


  • Introduce you Cloud based accounting – we work with software which will keep you up to date with your financial performance. Are you overloaded with paperwork? No more mountains of paperwork. Using specialist software could be your solution.


Written by Katarina Carnecka