For any business in any industry accountancy is an important part to be looked after.  
If you are expecting your own fitness business to grow strong keeping the focus on the client and not just in the money, you will need to have a good accountant to help your business and guide you to the success.

We are here to assist you, even with simple questions that can make a big difference in your future:

Where should you start?
Can I setup a studio from home?
Can I use my card to drive to my client’s place?
Do I need a specific license?
What can I claim as expense?
Can I pay someone to help me?
Can I offer products to my clients?
Can I employ someone?
When shall I open a Limited Company?
When do I need to pay tax and Insurance Number?
Do I need a public liability Insurance?
Can I start trading as soon as I finish my course


Discussing the taxation matters with an accountant is not something that most fitness professionals consider before starting in this industry.


However, if you are even just thinking to start it or if you are already in the business, we are here to help you!


We promise you that you will pay just enough taxes, not even an extra burpee!!!


We are tax specialists with 30 years of combined experience and we can speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, Slovakian and Czech.


Call us now on (+44) 020 3900 0900 and book your appointment with one of our consultants.


Marcela Moreira